“Amer Fort: A Regal Tale for Your Pre-wedding Photo & Video Shoot for Just Rs.5100/- payable for 2 hours, including permission for Pana Meena Kund (Under Government Norms)”

  • Experience the grandeur of Amer Fort, an iconic heritage site in Jaipur that stands as a paid location under government norms, offering a majestic backdrop for your pre-wedding photo & video shoot. With a fee of Rs. 5100 payable for 2 hours, including permission for Pana Meena Kund.
  • Candid Life Photography weaves your love story amidst the historical charm of Amer Fort. Discover the best pre-wedding photo & video shoot in Jaipur that encapsulates your unique bond against this timeless masterpiece.
  • Our adept team translates the essence of Amer Fort into a visual symphony, capturing its architectural splendor, intricate details, sweeping vistas, and regal ambiance.

Choose Amer Fort and embrace its stunning architecture for an extraordinary pre-wedding photo & video shoot. Let Candid Life Photography immortalize your love amidst history, delivering the best pre-wedding photo & video shoot in Jaipur with candidlife photography.”

  • For a pre-wedding photo & video shoot at Amer Fort, where regal heritage meets romance, here are attire suggestions for the couple:
  • For the Bride: Choose a regal and intricately embroidered lehenga in rich colors like deep red, royal blue, or emerald green. Opt for statement jewelry pieces that match the lehenga’s grandeur, such as chandelier earrings and a statement necklace. Opt for elegant ethnic heels that match the color palette of your lehenga such as embellished or embroidered heels.
  • For the Groom: Select a well-fitted sherwani in a complementary color that exudes regal sophistication. Embellished or embroidered details can elevate the look. Complete the ensemble with a traditional turban and accessories that complement the sherwani’s colors and style. Choose traditional mojris or juttis that match the color and style of your sherwani.
  • Rent a Dress: You can also grab some dresses on rent or you can contact us for further assistance regarding the dress.

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