Film-cities in Jaipur: Create a Canvas of Love and Imagination for your Pre-wedding Photo & Video Shoot in Jaipur at Different Film Cities like Ramesh Filmcity, DOP1, and DOP2 With a Fee of Just Rs. 6000 for 2-4 hours.

  • Step into the realm of Filmcities in Jaipur, where your pre-wedding photo & video shoot becomes a cinematic masterpiece. Explore Ramesh Filmcity, DOP1, and DOP2, each offering captivating sets like white sand areas, royal staircases, romantic cafes, well-lit areas like: tunnel, streets, trees, proposal areas and more.
  • Capture your love within the enchanting sets of Filmcities for just Rs. 6000. Immerse yourself in creativity without compromising on your budget.
  • At Candidlife Photography, we blend your love with the cinematic allure of Filmcities. Our expert team captures the essence of your bond against stunning backdrops, ensuring the best pre-wedding photo & video shoot in Jaipur that mirrors your unique narrative.
  • From intimate moments by the bonfire to playful scenes in a cafe, each set adds a layer of depth and uniqueness, enhancing the emotional resonance of your love story. The versatile sets allow for a range of attire choices.
  • Step onto the enchanting stages of Film City Sets for a pre-wedding photo & video shoot that redefines cinematic love. From the soft hues of dawn to the warm embrace of dusk, Candid Life Photography weaves the couple’s story amidst iconic backdrops. As the sun rises and sets, each frame becomes a scene from their own love story, making every moment an everlasting memory.”

For a pre-wedding photo & video shoot at these film-cities, here are attire suggestions for the couple:

  • For Bride:For a cafe scene, you could wear a chic dress, while the groom sports a smart casual look. For a romantic setup: You can wear a flowing gown or a casual dress like maxi dress, skirts with co-ordinated tops or shorts with top. Wear accessories that matches your dress like: earrings, watch, bracelet, pendant or a chic neckpiece.for footwear you can put on heels or fancy sneakers.
  • For Groom: For a cafe scene, you can sport a smart casual look with some printed tees or shirts.  For a romantic setup: you can wear a semi-formal attire to create a dreamy contrast.
  • Rent a Dress: You can also grab some dresses on rent or you can contact us for further assistance regarding the dress. Wear accessories that matches your dress like a watch, a hat, sunglasses. For footwear, you can wear formal shoes or casual shoes according to your dress.
  • Coordinated Attire: You can also coordinate colors and styles with the bride’s outfit to create a complete look.

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